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Recognize the Signs of Leviathan Spirit: Defeat it Before it Attacks!

Impact on Mankind Today

The Leviathan Spirit is a demonic force mentioned in the Bible that has a major impact on humanity today. It is characterized by the desire for power, pride, and an absolute determination to break covenants. As Christians, we must remain vigilant to this evil spirit’s manifestations, which can take the form of division in relationships, religious pride, and other forms of complete distortion. In this article, we’ll explore the Leviathan Spirit’s impact on humanity today and how we can combat its influence to lead a fulfilling life.

Covenant Breaker

The Leviathan Spirit is known as the covenant breaker in the Bible. Its mission is to break covenants, including the sacred marriage covenant, and to destroy relationships, creating division. This demonic spirit also rises against the covenant between God and man, seeking to destroy our faith and hope in Him.

People who the Leviathan Spirit influences display several symptoms. Such individuals cannot admit when they are wrong and cannot take the blame for their actions. They often indulge in twisting communication, leading to misunderstandings and relationship conflicts.

It is essential to overcome the symptoms of the Leviathan Spirit to achieve spiritual growth and a closer relationship with God. This can only be achieved by developing a contrite spirit and rejecting the haughty spirit that the Leviathan Spirit instills.

As believers, we should guard against the forces of evil, including the manifestations of pride and religious pride, which allow the Leviathan Spirit to gain access into our lives. We should seek the light of life and the mighty and powerful sword of the Word of God to slay the crooked serpent that the Leviathan Spirit represents and to maintain our ongoing protection. With a deep desire for a covenant relationship with God, we can overcome the influence of the Leviathan Spirit and enjoy eternal life.

Leviathan in the Bible

Leviathan appears in several passages in the Bible, including Job 41, Psalm 74:14, Psalm 104:26, and Isaiah 27:1. In these verses, Leviathan is described as a powerful sea creature with impenetrable scales, sharp teeth, and the ability to breathe out fire and smoke.

Some Christians believe that the spirit of Leviathan symbolizes pride and is a force that attacks believers’ faith and relationships. This spirit manifests through the desire for power, religious pride, and arrogant attitudes that can lead to broken relationships and a lack of spiritual growth.

However, it’s important to remember that Jesus has absolute power over all spiritual forces of evil, including the Leviathan Spirit. By maintaining a contrite and humble spirit and developing a covenant relationship with God, believers can find ongoing protection and the light of life that comes with eternal life.

Dealing with the Leviathan Spirit


As believers in Jesus, we recognize that we are in a spiritual battle against the forces of evil. One such force is the Leviathan Spirit, which can manifest through pride, power struggles, and relational brokenness. This article will explore how to recognize and deal with the Leviathan Spirit, allowing us to experience spiritual growth and deepen our covenant relationship with God.

Dealing with the Leviathan Spirit:

The Leviathan Spirit is a manifestation of pride that seeks to elevate oneself above others and God. This spirit can take on many forms, such as religious pride, seeking control or power, or instigating relationship division. To deal with the Leviathan Spirit, we must first recognize its presence. This may involve confessing to God and others the areas in which we have allowed pride to take hold.

Once we have recognized the Leviathan Spirit, we can take steps to combat its influence in our lives. This may include practicing humility, seeking counsel and accountability from others, and confessing our need for God’s help and guidance. Additionally, we can rely on the power of the sword of the Spirit to cut through the lies and deception of the Leviathan Spirit.

By dealing with the Leviathan Spirit, we can experience increased spiritual growth and deeper relationships with God and others. May we remain vigilant in recognizing and combating the Leviathan Spirit, relying on God’s ongoing protection and the light of life to guide us on our faith journey?

Discerning the Spirit of Leviathan

As Christians, we must always be vigilant against the forces of darkness that seek to undermine our faith and relationship with God. One such force is the Leviathan Spirit, which can manifest through certain telltale characteristics and behaviors.

To discern the Spirit of Leviathan, we must first understand its key characteristics, such as pride, arrogance, and a desire for power and control. This spirit often masquerades as wisdom or leadership but is ultimately self-serving.

Behavior patterns associated with the Leviathan Spirit include blocking communication with the Holy Spirit, breaking covenants, and having a haughty and arrogant attitude. This spirit often seeks to elevate itself above others and resist correction or accountability.

Discernment is key to overcoming the influence of this demonic spirit in our lives. We must remain focused on our relationship with God and rely on His strength and guidance to overcome the temptations and challenges of the Leviathan Spirit. By recognizing the characteristics and

behavior patterns associated with this spirit, we can take proactive steps to protect our faith and deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Symptoms of Leviathan Spirit

As Christians, we understand that negative spiritual forces can take hold of our lives and cause harm. One of these forces is the Leviathan Spirit, characterized by pride and a desire for power and control. If you are experiencing certain symptoms in your life, you may be under the influence of the Leviathan Spirit.

Symptoms of the Leviathan Spirit include stiffness and hardness of the heart, blocking communication with the Holy Spirit, whispering lies, contentiousness, and blame-shifting. Additionally, those under the influence of this spirit often experience depression and self-pity.

It is important to recognize these symptoms and seek the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit and other trusted Christian leaders. Through prayer and spiritual growth, we can break free from the hold of the Leviathan Spirit and experience the fullness of joy and peace that comes with a strong covenant relationship with Christ.

Spirit of Leviathan Tactics

The Spirit of Leviathan is known to attack believers in various ways. One of its common tactics is to attack their identity in Christ by whispering lies contradicting the truth of God’s Word. It instills doubt and confusion in their minds, leading them away from righteousness.

Additionally, this spirit may attack communication within relationships and churches, causing division and strife. It also uses pride to distance individuals from their covenant relationship with God and other believers. The Leviathan Spirit may manifest as arrogance and an unteachable spirit, preventing individuals from spiritual growth.

Referencing Job 41, the physical characteristics of Leviathan, such as its sharp teeth, scales, and breath that cause flames, may manifest in everyday situations through the use of words that wound and destroy. Just like how Leviathan breaks apart even the strongest armor, this spirit attacks the core of a person’s identity, causing them to lose their sense of purpose and direction.

As believers, we must be aware of the tactics employed by the Leviathan Spirit and remain rooted in the truth of God’s Word. We can overcome these attacks by surrendering to the Holy Spirit, putting on the full armor of God, and standing firm in our faith.

Strategies for Dealing with the Spirit of Leviathan

As Christians, it’s important to recognize the characteristics of the Leviathan Spirit and develop effective strategies for dealing with it. This spirit can cause destruction, division, and pride, but with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can overcome it.

One effective strategy is to break pride and self-righteousness through humility and surrender to God. By realizing that we are not in control and allowing God to work in our lives, we can prevent the Leviathan Spirit from taking hold of our hearts.

Daily prayer and repentance also play a significant role in dealing with the spirit. By confessing our sins and seeking forgiveness, we invite God’s protection and allow Him to work in our lives. Additionally, we can pray for those who may be influenced by the Leviathan Spirit and ask God to bring healing and restoration.

Finally, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit is crucial. We can prevent the Leviathan Spirit from controlling our thoughts and actions by listening to His voice and obeying His advice.

In conclusion, identifying and recognizing the characteristics of the Leviathan Spirit is crucial in developing effective strategies to deal with it. Through humility, prayer, repentance, and reliance on the Holy Spirit, we can overcome this destructive spirit and live a life that honors God.

Rejecting God’s Promises and Instruction

Rejecting God’s promises and instructions can lead one to fall victim to the Leviathan Spirit. This demonic spirit manipulates individuals to rebel against God and abandon His teachings, leading to spiritual blindness and a life full of chaos.

Those influenced by the Leviathan Spirit are often characterized by their prideful and stubborn nature, leading them to reject correction and wisdom from those around them. Despite their desire for power, they ultimately end up spiraling into destruction.

Moreover, those who reject God’s instruction are susceptible to a lack of protection and guidance. They open themselves up to the enemy’s attacks, leaving themselves vulnerable and unable to stand against the forces of evil.

Through a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ, we receive the spiritual protection and discernment we need to overcome the Leviathan Spirit. Thus, we must consciously submit to God’s will and cling to His promises, resisting the temptation to turn away from His truth. May we stand firm in the light of Christ and overcome all rejection of God’s promises and instruction.

What does the Leviathan look like?

The Leviathan, as described in Job 41, is a formidable creature with a terrifying physical appearance. It has impenetrable scales and sharp teeth and can breathe out fire and smoke. This powerful and ferocious creature represents the devil’s work today, seeking to kill, steal, and destroy everything of value in people’s lives.

The sharp teeth of the Leviathan signify its ability to destroy, and its impenetrable scales illustrate its invincibility. It breathes out fire and smoke, representing its desire to wreak havoc and terrorize those susceptible to its influence.

To overcome the Leviathan Spirit, one must be aware of its tactics and resist its attempts to distract, intimidate, and harm us. We must rely on

the power of Jesus Christ to protect us and shield us from harm as we live in a covenant relationship with Him. As we turn from our prideful ways, cultivate a contrite spirit, and seek spiritual growth, we can experience ongoing protection and the light of life that can break through the darkness of the Leviathan’s deception.


In conclusion, the Leviathan Spirit is a powerful force that seeks to destroy covenants and relationships while promoting pride and self-righteousness. As believers, we must recognize its presence in our lives and take proactive steps to combat its influence. By relying on the power of the Holy Spirit, we can cultivate humility, seek spiritual growth, and deepen our covenant relationship with God. May we stand firm against the Leviathan Spirit and experience the joy and peace that comes with a life in obedience to Christ.


Im Andrew, I am an Intercessory Missionary in Kansas City. My journey through trials and triumphs has equipped me with unique insight and a deep passion for encountering Jesus and understanding prophetic experiences.

2 thoughts on “Recognize the Signs of Leviathan Spirit: Defeat it Before it Attacks!

  1. Greetings Andrew,
    I am ever so grateful for such an insightful article. The knowledge and understanding of this wicked demon is beyond amazing. It’s very helpful to understand how these evil spirits are working in our lives. I am currently going through a very high conflict divorce and my spouse seems to be operating under that spirit.

    I’m in need of intercessory prayer to overcome in that responses influence the courts and in some kind of way gain unmerited favor.

    Please keep our family lifted up in prayer particularly pray for my strength to endure. I know as a believer in Christ I ultimately will be victorious over the situation, but it is very difficult to go through while it is occurring.

    Once again please pray for me my name is Jerome.

    Thanks and God bless you!

  2. This spirit is truly alive, well and greatly nurtured in the body of Christ from pulpits to marriages, control of children or control of parents. I’ve been a victim of this and even allowed it to operate unwittingly. It has various aliases. Now I know its true name.

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